Cooking classes

Classes You Can Book

Three Ways To Benny

$30 per person

Eggs Benedict Master Class
What you’ll learn
-how to perfectly poach an egg
-mastering hollandaise
-constructing three styles of Benedict

Crepe Escape

$35 per person

Classic French Crepes and more
What you’ll learn
-building the perfect batter
-techniques and tips for success
-sweet and savory (they’re not just for breakfast)

Breakfast Breads

$20 per person

Bounce from the boring
What you’ll learn
-amazing biscuit technique and preparation
-the versatility of pancake/ waffle batter
-English Muffins 101

Braising The Bar

$40 per person

Go beyond pan fried
What you’ll learn
-how to level up your meat game and game game… you know the wild stuff
-sourcing, techniques, methods and proper level of doneness (how to tell)
-pairing and plating to impress the guests

Pizza Party

$25 per person

Become the Pizzeria
What you’ll learn
-the foundations of dough; mixing, proofing, rolling and baking
-balancing the canvas of pizza; ingredient management, getting the toppings just right
-building the party, salads, pizzas and desserts

Conquering Cast Iron

$25 per person

100% Solid
What you’ll learn
-essential care and maintenance of the cookware
-one pan masterpieces (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
-the savory and the sweet

Asian Invasion 101

$30 per person

Asian inspired appetizers
What you’ll learn
-three methods of preparation
-technique essential for authenticity
-complementary sauce fabrication

This is a call to up your culinary game!

We ask that people coordinate with friends and family to attend. A minimum of four attendees is required to book, with a maximum of eight due to limited space. Overnight stays are available in our bed and breakfast. Book directly through us or AirBnB. See our space Secluded Springs Inn.

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